New D-BOX Theater Seats Change Movie Theater Experience


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New movie technology enhances theater experience at Cobb theater.


D-BOX theater chairs are jolting the movie-going experience into the future (literally). As streaming services become increasingly more popular, theaters are struggling to maintain the same draw they used to and their latest addition-a new version of 4D – synchronized motion chairs to further the movie experience-is available at select theaters around the country.


This new movie tech is currently available at COBB cinemas in Leesburg for the movie Avatar: The Way Of Water. Three out of nine rows of seating in the theater are dedicated to the D-BOX movie experience. Tickets for a D-BOX movie are about four dollars more than the regular movie ticket, but are worth the few extra bucks.


The comfortable, reclining D-BOX seats, which are on the upper level of the theater, have an unobstructed view of the screen. The seats have buttons to recline and also to increase or decrease how strong the movements of the chair will be, allowing moviegoers to personalize their seating according to their preferences, and created a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Avatar: Way Of Water is -as the name suggests- set in the water for the majority of the movie, and included many captivating underwater (and above ground) action scenes. The D-BOX chairs swayed when the characters swam or flew, and shook in sync with the impacts during action scenes, making the experience all the more engaging.


Although the movements were thoroughly synced with the film, the machinery occasionally reset itself which resulted in a loud cranking noise and abrupt drop, which was clearly not part of the movie and was distracting, however, it isn’t something that is discouraging us from going back to see another movie at the D-BOX theater.


We’re excited to see this technology improve and will certainly watch another film in 4D if given the opportunity.