Just Three Shows Left for Radium Girls

The first production of the year is hit, with 38 Titans taking part in the production.


Ethan Massey

Chosen to highlight the upperclassmen, Radium Girls will be on stage through this Saturday night.

Titan Theatre returned with their remarkable production of Radium Girls, showing again Tonight through Saturday, in the Auditorium at 7:30pm. Tickets cost $5 for students and $15 for adults, you can purchase tickets online or in person.

According to the director, Doc Worth, Radium Girls was chosen as their first production of the year because it would best highlight the strong female upperclassmen cast. Worth added, “It also has the complexity I look to put in a play and the technical challenges of making things glow on stage was intriguing.” 

The sets were well done, more specifically the brick wall was very realistic and the window and glowing clock is impressive.

Titan Theater has beautifully portrayed this tragic story with an incredibly large number of talented actors. This production was very emotional and dark because it involves multiple deaths and injustices. “You have to go into it knowing what you’re watching,” cast member Parker Metheny said.

The actors projected their voices very well and managed to stay in character throughout the entirety of the play. This was a realistic showcasing of how the radium girls were treated a century ago. Cast member Ella Greer said, “It’s inciting to the past in a way, you can see where we had to fight and come from in order to get to this point in our safety in terms of our work ethic and how we’re treated as women and lower class individuals.”

According to costume designer Emma Mitchell, preparing for the show was stressful and overwhelming. Mitchell said “Trying to find dresses, costumes and design stuff around that figure [boxy 1920s] when I’m not used to seeing it was really hard.” 

Overall the costumes are well done, appearing historically accurate. Mitchell said, “I’m really proud of the entire cast and crew for all of the effort that they put in and the time taken to create the show.”

According to Worth, one of the main setbacks was having people attend rehearsals. Two to five students were out sick on average each rehearsal but they just kept going to overcome this. Worth said, “This has been a very challenging and complex play and the kids did an amazing job.”