Taking The Spirit Out Of Spirit Week


Courtesy of Dominion Yearbook

During the pep rally freshmen spent more time sitting than up and cheering.

This week in Titan Territory is spirit week, which should be one of the most exciting weeks of the year for students. But was there any actual spirit? Any excitement? It has been a major disappointment to witness the lack of participation and enthusiasm in this school. 

The spirit days consisted of “Sports Day,” “Twin Day,” “Adam Sandler Day,” as well as today “Tropical Out,” which was supposed to have the most participation, given that it is the theme for the homecoming game as well. Despite SCA putting their best efforts into creating inclusive days that each Titan could participate in, there has been a comical lack of involvement within the student body. 

There needs to be  more creative days. If there were more exciting spirit themes, maybe more students would end up doing it as it would be more fun to build outfits and show off to your friends. Even though it seems that students would not be able to participate if the theme was more obscure, students can still create great outfits out of stuff they still own. Possible ideas could be Character Day, “Biker vs. Surfers,” or even Holiday Day. All of these ideas could be expanded on and give actual room for students to be creative and show up with fun ideas. 

Though it would be great to place blame on just one group of people and the poor spirit days, there is no group bigger to blame than the student body. It is embarrassing to be a part of a student body that cannot stick with one week of spirit without giving up or skipping days. Why can’t we dress up and have fun with our peers for one week of the school year?

Today, Tropical Day, there is a major percentage of students not dressed in any attire, including members of SCA which planned the day. The switch to Tropical Day is different than the students have seen before, as the Homecoming theme has always been Black and Silver out, which is easy, albeit sometimes boring. 

If SCA wanted to make this day exciting for students, they could have done more things to make students participate. 

On Amazon, it would cost approximately $62 dollars to purchase a bulk pack of 200 leis. With a student body with an approximate size of 1500 students, it would cost about $500 to purchase eight packs of these leis, which would be enough for every student to have one with enough leftovers for some teachers to have. The leis could have been handed out in the front of the school as students walked in, just like the shirts were handed out last year, which was surely more expensive. If the SCA or even ATLAS were to provide funds, this idea would have brought school-wide participation within the student body, making spirit be alive again. 

I am not at all saying that SCA has to provide materials to each student for every spirit day, but if we want students to participate on a widespread level, we have to either bring more exciting themes or the support that would be needed to make the day great.