What A Start for SCA

With pressure to make the first day memorable, SCA blew away our expectations with their before school festivities.


DHS Press Staff

Lined up with boxes of t-shirts for every student, SCA sets the tone for an incredible school year.

With electrifying music blasting in the air from the DJ stationed by the front doors, members of SCA (Caelan Jones’ brother is a member of SCA) welcomed students by handing out free “Battle of Sterling” shirts. Their excitement was infectious and is hopefully the beginning of a new start of school spirit for us.

As almost every student came to Dominion for the first time in over 18 months, they were greeted with fanfare unlike we have ever had on the first day of school. SCA made sure that every student felt connected and excited to be entering the doors in such uncertain times. It is undoubtedly the best entrance imaginable and thank goodness SCA put this together.

SCA purchased over 2000 of these shirts to ensure that each student could have one and unite our student body under a common goal: beat Potomac Falls, not only during the game, but in school spirit. 

In addition to this warm welcome, SCA also put on a Senior Sunrise, catering breakfast for the class of 2022 from everyone’s favorite local restaurant, Chick-fil-A. It is so refreshing to see a new SCA creating what are hopefully new traditions.

Tonight will also mark a momentous occasion for seniors. They will be allowed to paint their parking spot, a chance to make their year and make them feel connected to a school almost all haven’t been a part of since the end of sophomore year.

Although they had to follow a theme and get a design approved by several teachers and administrators, most seniors are getting to paint what they want and brighten up the parking lot with colorful words of wisdom.  

The days ahead offer even more excitement to rebuild our relationships and the high school community itself from SCA. Tomorrow, the big “Battle of Sterling” football game against Potomac Falls will be at 7 pm, where the theme is BlackOut and students are encouraged to wear the shirts handed out. To prepare for the event, SCA is putting on a pep rally at 3:15 at the field and a tailgate with several food trucks right after school lets out. 

Having the task of making Day 1 of the school year memorable as we all return, SCA didn’t buckle under the pressure, but instead hit a monstrous home run.