The Final Rose: A Genuine Connection


artwork by Caelan Jones

Covering each episode of The Bachelorette, Caelan gives you an unfiltered, honest take on the night before.

After being teased the past two episodes with Tayshia in the last few minutes, we finally jump into an episode with her. Tayshia walked into the room of remaining men, and the mood was lifted throughout the resort. It was crazy to see all the men smiling and actually excited to be there. 

The men get to meet Tayshia for the first time, and have their second “opening night.” Throughout this time, I think that Riley and Zac C hit it off the most with her. They seem that they had a quick connection, even though they just transitioned to a new woman. 

A group of new men arrived and stopped all conversations between Tayshia and the men. These four men are all brand new, and they got to have the regular franchise entrances that we see every season. Out of the new men,I dislike Spencer the most. Spencer is such an instigator, and I don’t think he is here for the right reasons. He is already gaining a spot to be this season’s villain. 

Tayshia’s first impression rose was given to newbie Spencer, which gave me major Hannah Ann from Peter’s season vibe. Both of these people were annoying in the way they “stole” the bachelor/bachelorette first and took initiative. Tayshia ended the night, deciding to not do a rose ceremony since she wasn’t able to get to know each man and make an educated decision. 

Before we could go on with a good season, we had to watch a tell-all with Clare and Dale to clear up drama and rumors. Right when I thought we were done, we have to hear Clare’s fascination for Dale in another episode. This interrupted the show and made me extremely bored and uninterested. Listening to them is like talking to an annoying family member that you haven’t talked to in a while at a get together that won’t stop talking.

Thank god the tell-all was quick, and we went right back to Tayshia. The first date card arrived, and the men attending got to go to the pool with Tayshia. The men were separated into teams to play water-basketball, and played as though they were fighting for Tayshia. Spencer, who was on the blue team, was being overly aggressive, which ended up getting him hurt, but helped him since he got attention. 

The night date went on, and although Tayshia was having a good time with her conversations, the other men on the date were going at Spencer. The men tried to put Spencer in his place, but it didn’t really get to him. I completely agree with what the men were saying and I think that we need that realness on the show. The group date rose was given to EAZY!!!! LETS GO!!! Eazy had such a good conversation with her, and he deserved to receive it. 

Back at the main villa, Jason, our local Arlington resident, decided that he would excuse himself since he couldn’t give all of his love and attention to Tayshia since he still had some feelings for Clare. This action was so impressive since he was so mature in this situation, and he didn’t want to waste the other men’s time. This was a real action of a man, and although they would have been fun to watch, I am glad he had true intentions and left. 

Brendan and Tayshia had a one-on-one date, and they had a really good time. They both bonded with each other on the hardships they had gone through, and the information they shared will really help them. I think that Brendan will go really far into the season. He will definitely make it to top 4, and maybe even win it. Brendan is so underrated!

The night ended with fireworks and pure magic. This is the normal bachelorette we have been waiting for, and it sure did not disappoint.  The sneak peek to next week looks jam-packed, with the men fighting with Spencer again and injuries in the next group date.