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The #1 source for news for Dominion High School students and the Dominion High School community in Sterling, VA

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Soccer Sends Two Stars To College Next Year

Brooke Oswald and Caoume Valle describe what it is like to get ready to play in college and what they loved most about high school as their last season at Dominion is ready to begin.
Courtesy of Art Pittman- Viva Loudoun
At the spring singing ceremony, Brooke Oswald and Caoume Valle pose the coaches.

Describe what the recruiting process was like?

Caoume: “It was really weird to be honest, because I wasn’t actively looking for colleges. But The Mount reached out to me after one game and just kind of came to me at a Florida Showcase. I wasn’t really looking to play at a college level, I was just floating around.”

Oswald: “The recruiting process for me was stressful, actually college coaches were able to reach out on the last day of school of my sophomore year. So it was stressful going to nationals and having college coaches text me and email me not exactly knowing what to do as a response, and it got complicated at times.”

How did you decide to pick the college you did?

Caoume: “I visited and talked to the coaches and stuff like that. The biggest reason for me was obviously the coaches, and I got to meet my teammates. They’re pretty awesome.”

Oswald: “My main reason was the coaching staff and the family vibes they had, everybody was super close and I felt wanted more than just an option to them, which made me more excited to go. Williamsburg is a cute town.”

What are you most looking forward to attending a D1 school, and what are you studying?

Caoume: “I’m probably trying to do something in STEM, because I already go to the Academies of Loudoun for stuff like that. I’m looking forward to playing my sport for four more years, it’s really nice. I honestly maybe might do a 5th year because they are already paying for me and I have a full ride.” 

Oswald: “I’m still undecided but it will probably be Business or Kinesiology, and I’m most looking forward to meeting new friends and just having best friends for four years. I’ll be friends with them for a lifetime, but probably won’t be doing a 5th year.”

Describe your favorite memory with Dominion and on the team?

Caoume: “Since I transferred from Park View, I played there my freshman year, and I was only able to play last year due to the rules, but one year has still been really fun. We lost a lot of good seniors so I wasn’t expecting to go that far.”

Oswald: “My favorite memory with Dominion Soccer was probably winning states freshman year, which was a long time ago which was super exciting, but i’m excited for my senior year. I was only a freshman during states, so I was kind of nervous to be with everyone else, but I ended up getting close with the girls and it was a super fun experience.”

What are your goals to finish out senior season?

Caoume: “I’m not sure, give Brooke a lot of goals I guess since I play midfield and she plays striker. I want to have a lot more assists this season since I couldn’t last season. I wasn’t expecting to get second team all-district last year.”

Oswald: “My goal is to actually get 100 goals in all four years so we’ll see.”

What’s your biggest advice for anyone looking to commit?

Caoume: “I guess my biggest advice is to not make it your entire life, you should always remember the reason you are playing the sport. You still want to have fun!”

Oswald: “My biggest advice would be to work hard and make sure to reach out to coaches, just don’t give up. No matter about the recruiting process, even if you commit late it doesn’t matter, don’t compare yourself to others.”

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