The Unnecessary Stress and Drama of Homecoming


Courtesy of the yearbook staff

Enjoying the first in-person homecoming dance since Covid last year, students danced the night away on the football field where this year’s dance will also be located.

“Bruh no one cares about the cost,” said a friend of mine amidst an argument over dinner plans for Homecoming. With senior homecoming planning in full bloom, arguments in the group chat are never ending. The stress of preparing for homecoming beats the stress of any AP testing season.

The first argument every year is the dresses. Every group of girls I have talked to has the common topic of fighting over dresses and the color everyone wears. Each girl picks a color they are going to wear and repeats in the same shade and color can’t happen, first come first serve. 

The crazy draft of dress colors becomes a catfight between the girls and drives me completely away from the excitement of dressing up. This year, I am borrowing a dress from a friend, something that’s very frowned upon. 

Don’t be fooled, while girls are stereotyped as being dramatic, the real fight begins when discussing dinner plans and the boys are brought into discussion. Most discussions don’t end in a common agreement and a last minute reservation for 20 ends up being booked to DC Prime,same as the year before. Not to mention the argument over who has parents willing to pay for their expensive dinner and the occasional “daddy’s money” comments.

Coming from a predominantly richer area of the community, my homecoming group seems to agree that the cost of our dinner does not matter. Though I always find myself in a position of guilt when asking my single parent to pay for an expensive dinner for a superficial tradition. 

Of course all of this drama is around homecoming which is supposed to be the dance and only some of my group is actually going. The Homecoming has turned into strictly a dinner and pictures every year. If someone were to bring up the idea of stopping by at the school, they would immediately be shut down for their “ridiculous” idea. 

After four years of arguments, I have officially given up on Homecoming planning this time around. The enormous amount of time spent on conversations that go in circles is no longer something I want to waste. Spare me the drama and stress, just give me the time and place and I will be there.