H Mart Is Not Your Average Grocery Store



H Mart helped Camille get over her disgust with grocery shopping.

Ever since I was little I’ve hated going to the grocery store. It’s one of the most tedious, time consuming, and boring tasks I can think of that I, unfortunately, have to do all the time. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to really appreciate a quality grocery store and one of my favorites is H Mart. H Mart is a Korean grocery store with tons of locations in Northern Virginia and everyone should start shopping there. https://www.hmart.com/ourstores 

One of the reasons why I love H Mart is because they have such a wide variety of everything. They have everything from a million different kinds of sauces to fresh fish and tons more. I would say they I haven’t even heard of at least 75% of their inventory but that’s part of the fun. 

You can shop at H Mart and fill your entire cart with food you’ve never even heard of and have them turn out to be your new favorite food. A personal experience of mine is my mom and I  wanted to make homemade calamari so we went to H Mart and bought whole mini squids and learned how to cut and gut them on YouTube. 

Another reason why H Mart is so great is because the stuff there is crazy cheap. I swear one time I went and they had a sale where you could buy 10 bundles of scallions for $2. The prices there are such a steal they’re practically giving their stuff away. But this doesn’t mean that their products are complete garbage. Every time I’ve gone the produce is always super fresh, the meat selection is phenomenal and way better than standard grocery stores, and the fish is so fresh that they kill it at the store. 

Quality products for great prices, seems like a no brainer to me. They also have tons of pre marinated meats and sushi grade fish at H Mart if you feel like Korean BBQ or sushi night but don’t want to risk going to a restaurant.

Another reason why you should start shopping at H Mart is because if you spend a certain amount of money there you get a free gift. My mom and I have gotten a huge bag of rice, a bag of sugar, a case of water, a soda, and a bottle of mango juice for free just for shopping there. They also have a rewards card that I don’t know anything about, but I’m sure it’s worth it considering everything else I know about this establishment. 

I know asking teenagers to voluntarily go to a grocery store probably won’t yield a lot of success, especially since going to a grocery store is such a big risk these days, but I truly think that H Mart is worth the trip, not only for the products and prices but for the new things you get to try and experience. It is honestly a great investment of your time and money and a place that I will probably continue to go to for the rest of my life. I hope you give it a chance and grow to love it as much as my family and I do.