A Record Breaking Bachelorette

“The truth about Clare’s journey is finally revealed,” an explosion announced by Chris Harrison spread across the resort. 

Chris Harrison greeted Clare’s “presidente villa” to have the iconic talk we have been seeing all season. He was telling Clare that she cannot continue on the path she was on. In this conversation, she expressed her deep love for Dale, and that he is the man that she would want to spend forever with. 

With the help of Chris, she admitted that her season was over. I am so grateful that Clare admitted she was done, and that she needed to stop wasting the other men’s time. 

The news was announced to the men that the following cocktail party and rose ceremony was cancelled, but any other information was excluded from Chris Harrison’s announcement. Why waste more time and leave the men in confusion until the next day?!?!

Clare had a romantic date with Dale that night. She was planning to tell Dale her feelings, but was scared that it could possibly not be mutual. She must’ve been insane since they are both so obsessed with each other. 

She told Dale that she was in love with him. Although there were some awkward silent seconds after she had told him, he reciprocated the feelings to Clare. After this date, they had a totally embarrassing dance moment with a live musician that consisted of them eating each other’s faces off. 

They spent the night together, and let’s just say we skipped to Fantasy Suites. The next day, Chris told Clare that they would have the engagement that night. Will Dale actually propose or will he chicken out?

The Bachelorette told the remaining men that afternoon that she is not going to try to fool them anymore and that she is in love with Dale. The men were visibly bummed and disappointed, as they should be. They invested time, money, and energy to come for Clare, just for her to waste their time with Dale. Some men then explained their feelings that they thought they deserved an apology, but Clare shut that down saying that she would not apologize for love. 

Night came, and Clare left her villa to her engagement spot. She of course was wearing white, to possibly try to give Dale a sneak peak of their wedding day. Dale and Clare got engaged after four episodes. Dale received Clare’s “Final Rose”. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Clare, I am glad she found her happy ending. 

The rest of the men were told that a new bachelorette was coming, and that they needed to make a decision if they wanted to stay for the new bachelorette or go home.  All of the men decided to stay even though they did not know who the new woman was. This aspect would leave me stressed out, but I would’ve stayed since you only live once. 

Tayshia was only on the show for a few minutes at the end, and I am so excited for the rest of the season. She is going to be such a good Bachelorette. Bachelorette viewers were left on another cliffhanger, not knowing what will happen next. Will the men forget about Clare and accept Tayshia? We will see next Tuesday on the Bachelorette!