The Final Rose: Is a New Bachelorette Coming?


artwork by Caelan Jones

Covering each episode of The Bachelorette, Caelan gives you an unfiltered, honest take on the night before.

This episode is jam packed: Clare getting screamed at, skipped group dates, a Dale roast session, and a new bachelorette? Bachelor Nation is buzzing at this week’s episode, and all the rumors are true, we have a new bachelorette. We started right where we left off last week- the cocktail party. Yosef is steaming about the past group date, even though he wasn’t even on the one where they stripped. He is spreading drama among the men saying he wouldn’t have done it, and that he will have a strong word with Clare. 

Yosef started to talk to Clare, saying that he hated hearing about the strip dodgeball. He explained to Clare that it was humiliating and degrading to the men, and that he expected more from the oldest bachelorette. He then told her that he is embarrassed to be associated with her. 

This conversation turned for the worst when they began screaming at each other for not letting each other talk. Yosef began to say that he would never let Clare be the mother of his child, and many other disgusting remarks. Although I agree with Yosef about how gross the dodgeball game was, the hostility he showed to Clare was very harsh. Yosef immediately was sent home. 

Clare walked away crying, and the men rushed to her defense. Dale then magically appears to comfort Clare, and it was the first time I liked him. We got to see his nice cuddly side, and he showed that he can help Clare through the worst.

Even though Clare probably just had her lowest moment, it is masked by the overwhelming kindness of Dale. Clare got time to cool off and have quiet time, but she decided to skip cocktail hour, and go straight to the rose ceremony. The men were devastated, since they didn’t have time to influence Claire’s decision at the rose ceremony.  The men waited all day for Clare to come for the group date. They had already gotten the date card, but Clare’s “girl day” came in the way. Clare’s “excuse” was that she was going to have a long cocktail hour instead so she could talk to the men, which was a little annoying. This is the second time that Clare has left people waiting while she was being oblivious doing her own thing. 

Clare and Dale were the first to run off during the cocktail hour, and they went to Clare’s villa. They were taking too much time, and they were doing things that they shouldn’t have. The other men are realizing this consistency of Dale taking all the time, and began to look for Clare and Dale. 

The men had to fight for the left over time, which was still interrupted by the one and only Dale. My only thoughts were, “C’mon Dale! Don’t be the next Hannah Ann!” Dale thought he could fool the guys by saying he wasn’t taking any time with Clare, but rather just going to the bathroom. It’s easier to just tell the truth. 

The group date rose was given to Dale. Of course it was going to be given to the person that spent every minute with her. After getting the rose, Dale started to get cocky- saying that he is best suited for Clare.

Clare had a one on one date with Zach J. They didn’t have the most interesting date, but when they were about the leave, Clare leaned in to kiss him. He didn’t reciprocate, and there was a “misunderstanding.” It all got awkward, and then when Clare walked away, Zach grabbed her to try and force a kiss.

Clare felt violated, so she went back to her villa. She didn’t give Zach another chance (understandably), and had Chris Harrison send him home. 

The next group date focused on roasting each other. All the men took rips at Dale, which I would’ve done too. Clare was automatically upset with everyone bullying Dale since she doesn’t want them to be mean to her favorite. She totally needs to grow up and learn how to take a joke. 

Clare told everyone in the beginning to not take it personally, yet she was the only one that did. 

In the night part of the date, Clare only talked to the men about the roasts against Dale. The guys wanted to show Clare their soul, and have quality time to get to know her, but she only talked to them about the “attacks” from earlier that day. 

She told producers that she wasn’t going to give someone a group date rose who “dished it all on her fiance.”  Does this mean Clare doesn’t want any of the other men? Is this a total waste of a season? Should we just skip the rest of the episodes and let them get engaged? 

Right when I thought the episode was over, we got a slo-mo clip of TAYSHIA coming out of the pool. IS TAYSHIA THE NEW BACHELORETTE???? 

This is the worst week to have an INSANE change, since we have to wait an extra 2 days for the next episode. The Bachelorette is going to be airing next Thursday, November 5th due to the Election. 

Next week is filled with drama: the presidential election and a new Bachelorette episode on Thursday, November 5.