Check This Out: Among Us

What: Among Us

Where: Available for free (with ads) from the App Store and Google Play, available for PC for $4.99 (ad free) on Steam

Why: Among Us is a simple who-dun-it style game by studio InnerSloth, with a fun cartoony look and space travel theme. Up to 10 players are assigned one of two roles. Crewmates cooperate to complete a series of quick puzzle-like tasks and avoid being caught and killed by the imposter, whose job it is to eliminate all of the crewmates before they complete their tasks, without being found out and voted off of the spaceship. Matches can be played online with random players from around the world, online in a private server with just your friends, or with people in the same building as you on your local wifi network.

Simple enough for the video-game-uninitiated to figure out quickly, yet complex enough to keep the devoted gamer on their toes, Among Us is a fun way to relax and hang out with your friends even amid the current pandemic. Start up a match, get on a video or voice call with your friends, and let the hilarity commence. Accusations fly, chaos ensues, trickery thrives, and everyone has a great time trying to evade capture and strategize their way to victory.

The app contains ads which can be removed with an in-app purchase of $1.99. The ads are fairly unobtrusive though, consisting of just a pop up at the end of each 10 or so minute match, and purchasing premium does nothing to improve the actual gameplay or mechanics, meaning you cannot just pay to win.

Among Us is a blast to play, its simple but engaging design making it one of the most fun games I have played yet.