Check This Out: Jack Ryan


What: Jack Ryan


Where: Amazon Prime Video

Why: Jack Ryan is an action packed show about a CIA analyst with training in the U.S. Army who gets thrown into thrilling but life-threatening situations in attempts to protect his country. John Kransinki, commonly known from the Office and his role as the lovable Jim Halpert, stars in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan as the namesake of the show, and he is just as lovable as Jim. Fans are in great anticipation with the third season on the way. Anyone who loved the office, or any military action shows will be gripped to the fascinating story line of Jack Ryan.



Personally, I was initially intrigued by this show when my dad would hurry to the basement to watch it, and I now realize what all the hype is. It really is that good. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is the perfect show to watch when you want to cocoon yourself in a blanket with popcorn while on the edge of your seat with captivation.