This Week in Smash: Joker Starts Finding His Place in the Current Meta(..?)

courtesy of wikipedia

Ultimate’s been a bit quiet in the last two or so weeks, and I had my wisdom teeth out last week, so it has been a little while before I’ve brought you a This Week. But I’m back now, so this week I hope to come back with a number of very entertaining matches, including a big set featuring the newest character, Joker. So enjoy this week’s This Week in Smash!

“DCG WC I Ki” (Snake) vs. “Nicko” (Joker) @ HAT (Hollywood Action Tuesdays) #64 SoCal Weekly, Grand Finals; 5/8/19:

This is quite likely the best showcase of what Joker is capable I’ve seen so far, against a lethal top-tier character nonetheless.

“ProtoBanham” (Lucina) Vs “R2G | Kameme” (Mega Man, Sheik, Wario) @ Umebura 2019 Japanese Major, Grand Finals; 05/02/19:

Great set, huge deal for a Mega Man main to pull off what Kameme did in this Grand Finals. Oh, and Umebura as of this year, into the foreseeable future, will have English commentary courtesy of VGBootcamp, so that makes VoDs (Video on Demand tournament videos) of this major all the more enjoyable to us U.S. viewers..!

“Mr. R” (Snake) Vs “NCG | JW” (Greninja) @ Saints Gaming Live Canada Regional Tournament, Winners Quarters; 05/11/19:

Just a really great, entertaining set, with some sick Greninja combo strings.