The Bachelor Heats Up in Season 23

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The Bachelor season 23 kicked off a couple weeks ago and people are already talking about the drama that began on the show. The bachelor, Colton Underwood, is already having a rough time with all of the girl drama going on in the house. The Bachelor is on tonight at 8PM eastern time on ABC. Make sure to watch the episode and tune into my weekly review of the episodes. This is a small recap of Week 1 – 4.

I have been watching The Bachelor for awhile now and have seen many seasons. There is always a girl that comes in on the first night and already causes everyone else to go crazy. This season this girl was Catherine. Catherine kept taking up everyone’s time and stealing Colton away from other girls which made everybody angry. Many tried to talk to her and express their concern, but Catherine did not seem to mind because she kept doing her thing and stealing Colton away from other girls. At the end of the night she got the rose because you can never kick that girl out the first night, a strict Bachelor rule.

Just as you think you found the trouble maker, Demi reveals her confidence and her determination to be the center of attention. She began to steal Colton away and telling everyone how she was the “confident woman that Colton needed”. As you can guess, this caused a lot of chaos in the house. Many girls began to form alliances and talk about the other girls they didn’t like.

More drama started going on between the two pageant queens; Miss Alabama and Miss North Carolina. The two used to be friends when they competed in the Miss USA competition and feelings got hurt when Caelynn, Miss North Carolina was the runner up and Hannah, Miss Alabama did not make it this far. The friendship did not end well and both of the girls were painting the other in a negative light, so we can’t really tell who the bad guy is in this situation.

My and my friends watch the Bachelor every Monday night during the bachelor season. We get together at someone’s house and have watch parties. Watching it with other people kind of makes you notice more things because everyone is giving your own opinions and talking about how they feel about something that happened.

Week 4, the episode that aired on January 28, the girls and Colton went to Singapore. Demi and Courtney got into a dispute over time with Colton and the girls started to talking to Colton about each other. In the result of this dispute Courtney got sent home because Demi was making up lies about her. Personally, I thought it was ridiculous and really unfair but I have a feeling the producers make Colton keep some girls around and send some girls home just for the ratings. Many girls just don’t have the chance to make it through because all of the girls who create drama who get to stay for longer. Catherine was sent home because she stopped creating the chaos and just became more normal and Demi took over.

If you have watched the Bachelor before, you might know the huge hint that the producers put in the beginning of the show. There are only a couple girls that are interviewed in their home towns in the first episode. Well, I noticed the pattern that the girls that are shown, are the ones that are left in the end. And most often than not, the first girl whose interview is shown, is the winner of The Bachelor. I started making predictions when I first started watching the Bachelor, and realized that all of my predictions were correct because I was always picking the first girl to be introduced. So I believe that I have a good guess of who the winner is going to be this season.Spoiler Alert…my prediction for the winner this season is Cassie. She is a speech therapist from Huntington Beach, California and she is a very sweet and beautiful girl. She does not get much screen time in these first weeks. She does not cause a lot of drama and kind of stays out of everybody’s way which is a really huge indicator that she will be relevant later on.

The previews that are shown at the end of each episode, suggest that this is going to be a very dramatic and emotional season for both the girls and even Colton, considering we know that he left the show for a little because he was just too emotional for the process. Every Monday night that I see the previews for the next episode I get really frustrated because I want to see it right away, because it is always the craziest moment in the the future episodes. I am very excited to see what the season will bring and to prove my predictions right for the fourth time in a row.  

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