Live this Weekend: The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker, this year’s fall play put on by the drama students, is the story of how Annie Sullivan (Noelle Hunter) teaches Helen Keller (Saskia Hunter), who is a deaf, blind, and mute six year old, how to communicate only using her sense of touch. The play is set in 1880’s Tuscumbia, Alabama. It details Annie and Helen’s journey for Helen to be able to finger spell and break her isolated world and open communication with others as well as controlling her unruly behavior, due to the isolation.

The Miracle Worker was chosen to be Dominion’s fall play because it is a powerful piece that allows the actors and actresses to showcase their abilities. Mrs. Young, the drama teacher and director of The Miracle Worker, said, “We had some very strong female actresses, so I knew we had people who could be potentially very strong Helen Kellers and Annie Sullivans.”

“It is a tremendous story, it’s really exciting and it shows that even with all these disabilities Helen Keller was able to pull through and learn,” said Saskia Hunter, who plays Helen Keller. Students have been working hard on the play since auditions started in early September, and rehearse normally four times a week.

“My goal for the Miracle Worker is to provide a production that is inspiring and moving and powerful that students will want to come and see,” Mrs. Young said.

There will be three performances, the first performance is on Friday, December 1st at 7:30pm, the second performance is on Saturday, December 2nd at 7:30pm, and the final performance is on Sunday, December 3rd at 3:00pm. The tickets are six dollars for students and eight dollars for adults.

This play is a Cappies play which means that the play will be critiqued and rated. Cappies is a journalism and performance award program which has High Schools competing against each other for Cappies awards, which includes awards like best actor or actress.