Take a Break at Locally Owned Teabreak Pho and Boba

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Take a Break at Locally Owned Teabreak Pho and Boba

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Teabreak Pho and Boba is a local restaurant in the community owned by a Dominion family that has an array of authentic Vietnamese entrees and beverages. It opened in May of 2016, and they plan to expand, as another location is opening in Herndon in January of 2018.

The story behind this local, trendy joint begins with the family. Owner Jewel Vu’s grandmother’s family had been selling pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) for sixty years, yet they had discontinued selling pho when they came to the U.S. Vu explains, “That’s the inspiration, we always wanted to do it, but we just never got a chance, and this is a very good location.”

Vu lives only a few minutes away from the Tea Break location and noticed when builders first began creating a building complex in the area, and she seized the opportunity to open Teabreak.  Her family is a big part of the functioning of the restaurant. Vu added, “I was thinking, opening up a restaurant, a teenager, my family members, my husband, my children, they would love to participate. It’s a nice experience. [My children] went to Dominion High School, that’s how everything just started.”

Originally, Teabreak had a staff of almost all Dominion kids, and operated from 5-9 p.m., as the kids would walk afterschool from DHS to the restaurant for work. Although some have moved on, Vu explains the value it has, “[This] gives them [the kids] a very good reference for a future job, because for some of them, it’s their first job ever. It’s a nice experience, a little bit overwhelming, but they learn how to socialize, and multitask.”

Teabreak Pho and Boba also provides online ordering, catering, and delivery. It’s an order then sit-down or take-out restaurant. The menu contains a variety of appetizers and main dishes including pho bowls and a make-your-own option, vermicelli (a type of long pasta) and rice dishes, different types of milk tea, fruit teas, smoothies, and other drinks. The inspiration behind the recipes are fresh ingredients and fruit.

In addition, Teabreak is a popular option for lunch in the main office at Dominion. According to Mr. Ulloa, some of his favorite things to order are the vermicelli combo bowl with pork and eggrolls, pho soup, and honey milk tea with Boba. Additionally, Ulloa adds that Teabreak is close, affordable, and convenient. Ms. Picado in counseling also enjoys the tea and sandwiches, as well as the fast delivery. At the career center, Ms. Orellana is a fan of the Boba tea as well, especially the one called ‘Keep the Beat’, which contains different fruit bits. Orellana mentioned the good customer service and quick delivery also.

Teabreak is located across from the Northern Virginia Community College campus off of Route 7. The address is 46580 S Cottage Rd Suite 100 Sterling, Virginia 20164. You can find Tea Break Pho and Boba online at http://teabreakpho.com/.

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