Get Out Saturday to Support Theater at the One Act Plays

This year, the Dominion Theatre program is performing A Deep, Poetic Journey Into Something, a play about students breaking out of society’s boxes, in the VHSL Class 4A Sectional for a One Act competition. One Act performances, held Saturday at Broad Run with Dominion scheduled at 1:05 pm, are shortened plays that are about 30 minutes long.  The event starts however at 8:30 am.

Students should take advantage of this free event because it’s the first ever competition Dominion Theatre is partaking in. The competition also allows students to see other schools in the county and their theatre program. 

The cast consists of Macy Crow, Tara Mokhtare, Josh Thomas, Leecy Silk, Cole MacMillan, Dylan O’Rourke, Patrick Pellegrini, Aidan Mason, Maguire Crowe, and myself (Mia Cvijanovic). The set of this production is unique because it consists of a scrim, a thin sheet of fabric with lights behind it, where the characters on stage have shadows portraying their actions in the background. 

The play is about the life of Jane, the different scenes are series of events in her life that have forced her into society’s “boxes” and she’s trying to break out of them. I play the antagonist, Mrs.Hate, the teacher that follows Jane throughout her life who’s trying to keep her in society’s box and meet society’s expectations. 

It’s a super eventful show that will keep the audience on the edge of their seat because of all the plot twists. This is my very first official role and I’m super excited for this production because the overall message is relatable to students. The idea of the show is that people are put into these “boxes” which are society’s expectations of people. Jane, who’s played by Macy Crow, is trying to break out of this box but encounters conflicts throughout her life. The show expresses the message that people should break out of these “boxes” and should not feel the need to live up to society’s expectations, only their own.

If you plan on attending, it is recommended that you be in the auditorium by 1:00 p.m. Come support Dominion Theatre on Saturday!