The Unexpected Benefits of Journalism

Last year, when I was selecting my courses for my junior year, I came across a list full of journalism classes. I was never big on writing but I decided to select Newspaper I as my elective. I did not know anyone else who was taking this class and that was really unlike me to do. From the first day of the class, I was already very excited to be taking the class. This class is focused on individual work and progress, but your classmates are always ready to collaborate and share ideas if you get stuck.

The atmosphere is always welcoming and relaxed. There are always debates and conversation that goes on in the classroom that pushes us to write and express our own view through editorials.This class has taught me how to write, be confident in my writing, and also take criticism. It is very different from any other high school class. It shows you a glimpse of the work you will be doing in the future, whether that is a college classroom or a job setting. It creates a sense of freedom but also responsibility to be able to get your work done.

Throughout the year, I became more self-sufficient, responsible, and open to criticism. I believe everyone should take this class. Even if journalism is not the path you would like to pursue, this class is still very helpful to your future success and growth. It teaches discipline, but also shows students how to be confident and creative in their projects. If you do want to pursue the journalism path, this class opens up many opportunities. Students from this class have received fellowships and got involved with journalism summer programs with Universities and major newspapers such as New York Times.

The class is not only helpful, it is also a lot of fun. This year we have had multiple breakfasts with our class when everyone brings in food and we sit around the table just having conversations and throwing out ideas for articles. Everyone in the class feels welcome and has the option to write about things they are passionate about. For example, people who are interested in sports write about games, drafts and other sports news. In this class you are able to be original and work on things you enjoy.

I would really encourage others to take Newspaper, or even other Journalism classes such as Photojournalism or Broadcast. You will not only learn and progress your writing skills, but also enjoy your time in this class. I am really happy that I took this class and am looking forward to taking it again next year.