5 Questions with Isabel Hasson


Q: What was the one main factor that really led up to you making the decision to follow through and shave your head?

A: I was motivated by the idea that this was something greater than myself and someone else would benefit from my actions.

Q: What was it like in the moments leading up to, during, and after you shaved your head?
A: I was nervous before because I thought it would make me feel vulnerable and I didn’t know how others would react. Honestly, I didn’t recognize the way I looked right after the hair cut, but now I feel 110% confident that I made the right decision.


Q:Obviously doing what you did took a lot of courage and wasn’t an easy decision. Who were some people that helped you towards the decision and through whatever came after it?
A: My family and friends were my greatest supporters. They gave me more strength, confidence, and courage than I could have ever imagined.


Q: The Truly Titan award is a very prestige award at Dominion High School, did you ever think one day you would have won it?
A: I never thought that I would be nominated for this award, so it was a pleasant surprise to stand beside other good samaritans.


Q: What were the feelings going through your head as you got called up in front of the entire school to receive the Truly Titan award?
A: I was not expecting my name to be called up for this award. I am honored to be considered Truly Titan.