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The #1 source for news for Dominion High School students and the Dominion High School community in Sterling, VA

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One Act Wins

Seniors Chase Bochenek and Ashley Anoubon Momo got awarded at the Virginia High School League One Act Competition.
Alla Abdelhalim
Seniors Ashely Anoubon Momo and Chase Bochenek got recognized for their acting at the VSHL One Act Competition.

For the fourth consecutive year, Titan Theatre competed in the Virginia High School League (VHSL) one-act theatre competition on November 4th, 2023. This year Chase Bochenek was named best overall actor in a male role and Ashley Anoubon Momo was named best actress for Dominion High School for their performance of Edgar Allen Poe’s Shuddersome.

Competing High Schools in the one-act competition included Dominion, Rockridge, Tuscarora, and Heritage.

The one-act team put in an incredible amount of work preparing for the competition according to Anoubon Momo. “The process included spending several hours going over the movements and lines, especially for the third part of the performance, and ensuring that everything would be perfect for show day,” Anoubon Momo said.

Rehearsals took place every Monday between 4:30 and 6:30pm and 8:30 am everyday for 3 weeks before the competition. “It is always crucial for all members of the one act team to be present for every rehearsal and for everyone to have their lines memorized quickly because of how little time we have,” Bochenek said.

Chase Bochenek was first recognized for his outstanding acting for his performance in “Selfie” in the 2022 VHSL One Act competition.

This is Bochenek’s fourth and last year in both Titan Theatre and the one-act team. Bochenek said, “I feel very appreciative of the Titan Theatre community as a whole, it is a group that has always made me feel welcomed and included in every sense.”

At last year’s competition, Bochenek received an honorable mention for his acting. Bochenek said that getting recognized at the one-act competition for the second consecutive year has made him believe “the hours and effort put into theatre have really paid off.”

According to Titan Theatre Director Doc Worth, “Chase is dependable, reliable, talented and all the things you want in a person and an actor.”

Ashley Annoubon Momo received the first recognition for her acting at the 2023 VHSL One Act Competition.

Bochenek and Anoubon Momo were shocked but excited after receiving recognition for their outstanding acting. “Us lifting up each other is what led to the wonderful performance that we had,” Anoubon Momo said.

Although this is only Anoubon Momo’s second year with Titan Theatre, she said “this family is unlike any other and being on stage together to create something beautiful for an audience is an amazing experience that should never be taken for granted.”

“Being a part of Titan Theatre and performing with everyone has truly been a rewarding experience and I am so thankful to have people around me that make me happy and are always there to support me,” Anoubon Momo said. 


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