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The #1 source for news for Dominion High School students and the Dominion High School community in Sterling, VA

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Thank You Ms. Menickelly!

Cynthia Gonzalez
Over the past two years, Ms. Menickelly has made highschool a more meaningful and fun experience for me.

Many mornings before school for the past two years, I’ve popped into Ms. Menickelly’s classroom and been welcomed with a warm smile. From the first day of AP Lang to the final quarter of my senior year Writing Center class, Ms. Menickelly has always made her classroom a positive and welcoming place.

In the last two years there was never a day where she didn’t spark an interesting conversation around a recent event or give us some time to share our perspectives. Although my Lang class was big and had some big personalities, she could always tell when I was having a rough day, and always made sure to check up on me, whether it was offering me a chocolate or to talk. Having a friendly teacher I could always count on made a huge difference to me during the last two years of high school.

I’ve never been in a class where I’ve learned and laughed as much as I did in the AP Lang class. She taught us how to direct our energy and passion for discussion into amazing essays and socratic seminars. Even on the days we had to read or write about relatively boring topics, she managed to bring out discussions with even the quietest students. The classes leading up to the AP exam, she set up a review competition, which got the whole class studying vigorously in preparation for the heated face-off that was soon to come. The classes where I learned the most were the ones where we had debates on topics and had diverse perspectives. I got to know my classmates, teacher, and myself better throughout the year, making it a truly memorable class.

My favorite memory of the year, however, was definitely during the last week of school when the whole class got into a debate on whether we should watch Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift or Tangled, a feud which has continued into the 2nd block writing center class this year. The block is completely comprised of students from our Lang class (we are still yet to watch Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, and have rewatched Tangled, rightfully so).

She went the extra mile to help me refine my common app essay, countless drafts of my supplementals, and would recommend me to apply for scholarships she saw that related to the field of studies I was interested in. I always knew if I needed to get great advice, I could count on her for it.

During our less-busy writing center blocks, she was always willing to listen to my storytimes and updates on life, providing me with insight and advice when I needed it. After one especially crazy weekly update, she was even willing to make her first-ever Tik Tok with me which I will forever treasure.

Her continued support for me made a huge difference as I went through the college application process without much guidance. Applying to college is a heavy and stressful process, but over time, she helped me realize that I’d end up at the place that’s right for me, and that, just like most things in life, the hell that is the first semester of senior year would eventually come to an end, so I should try to enjoy the time I have left in high school.

The lessons I learned about writing and life in AP Lang and Writing Center will surely stick with me for life, so thank you, Ms. Menickelly for making my last two years of high school so special.

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Cynthia Gonzalez
Cynthia Gonzalez, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Cynthia Gonzalez is Co-Editor-in-Chief, and is a senior serving her fourth year writing for DHS Press. Her favorite pieces to write are ones relating to Latin and Hispanic culture and mental health. You can usually find her listening to her endless Spotify playlist of spanish music or on the pickleball courts.

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