Teacher Appreciation Week: Mrs. Wingfield


Thank you so much Mrs. Wingfield for all you do for your students.

Dear Mrs. Wingfield,

Teacher appreciation week reminded me of all the things I appreciate about you that I haven’t thanked you for. First off, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

I am so grateful that I ended up in your class. Your genuine passion for not only biology, but science overall, is beyond inspiring. My grades and I have never been the biggest fan of science, but this year, you changed that. Allowing me accommodations, being so understanding of my needs, as well the compassion you have for all of your current and past students are things that I have not let go unnoticed. 

I’m so thankful to have seen the love you have for science and learning through the stories you tell in lessons and your deep knowledge of the topics. As well, I’m so thankful I ended up taking your class. I hope I get lucky again and can join you for my senior year science!

Thank you for all that you do!