Q & A With 2023-24 SCA President Elect, Sophie Phillips

As the school year wraps up, so do SCA elections. Next school year, the SCA president will be rising senior Sophie Phillips.


Sophie Phillips, SCA President Elect helping to hand out cookies celebrating the DHS Debate Team’s recent competition success (Photo courtesy of Cynthia Gonzalez)

How do you feel about having been elected SCA president?

“I’m excited. Especially after the pep rally, I really want to see how much school spirit our school can have”

What was your first reaction?

“I kind of didn’t believe it. I was like, Oh, wow, and then [Mr. Kroeze] was like, no, you really won and I was like, Oh, wow, that’s awesome. It was really exciting.”

What plans are set in stone for the beginning of next year? How will you bring change to the school?

“Definitely homecoming, I’m hoping to have an end of year pep rally this year. I want to have one that welcomes in the eighth graders. So like the rising freshmen. I definitely want to have a beginning of school pep rally or like spirit week, something fun.”

What are some of your biggest goals for next year? What steps have you taken or will you take to meet those goals?

“I think inclusivity and giving students a voice on what we do. I think I want to have an Instagram link in our link tree, maybe like a feedback or like an input sheet that is available whenever. If students have an idea for a spirit week, or a pep rally game. I’d really love to see it, then we can actually do what the students want to see.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge to meeting your goals?

“I think there’s certain officers in SCA that aren’t all about inclusivity, but I think with Mr. Kroeze and Ms. Riley, I think we can all work through it and try to figure it out.”

How do you plan to overcome those challenges?

“Making everybody feel welcome and like it’s a safe space to share opinions or just work as a team.”

What will you do to make freshmen feel a part of D-Block and the Titan community?

“We tried to teach the freshmen this year chants, it kind of worked, but I think if we really welcome them, like we’re so excited to have you, here’s the spirit week all about [the freshmen], or a pep rally all about [them] or stuff like that. So they’re not just thrown in.”