The Continued Successes of Kevin DiDomenico

After being announced as an STAA All-American Dominion alum, Kevin DiDomenico furthers his broadcasting career as the new voice of the Reno Aces.


One of many interviews Kevin went through, though in this image he is pictured with Josh Barfield the Diamondbacks Director of Player Development. COURTESY OF Kevin DiDomenico.

Kevin DiDomenico’s start to his broadcasting career was unconventional, beginning at ten years old when he sat in front of the television and called sports games. “My mom would be in the kitchen making dinner and would [be] like, is there something wrong with me,” Kevin DiDomenico said.  After his stint of calling games from the couch, he entered a contest where he won the opportunity to broadcast an inning on the Washington Nationals Radio Network. “I was all in,” DiDomenico said. 

Following his once-in-a-lifetime experience, DiDomenico opted for one of his freshman-year electives to be Intro to Journalism. “I came to high school and pitched the idea to Schwartz to [broadcast] our football games… my first couple games were here with Schwartz. Luckily enough, we dove into it, and he adapted the idea,” DiDomenico said. 

After starting Dominion football’s play-by-play broadcasts with Wyatt Krueger, he took his talents to Virginia Tech, where he majored in Sports Media Analytics. As a Hokie, DiDomenico was the play-by-play broadcast voice for the Salem Red Sox, Pulaski Yankees, and Radford University men’s basketball teams. As a final accolade during his time at Virginia Tech, he was one of five collegiate broadcasters announced as a first-team All-American for the Sportscasters Talent Agency of Americas All-American program (STAA), along with another Hokie who received an honorable mention, Giovanni Heater. 

DiDomenico’s broadcasting career accelerated even more as he was chosen to be the voice of the Salem Red Sox, the Boston Red Sox Single A affiliate for the 2021 baseball season. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2022, he noticed a job posting online for the voice and content creator role for the Reno Aces, the Arizona Diamondbacks Triple-A affiliate. “There’s so many different opportunities and different ways you can get your name out there, so I think be creative in the way you approach things, and I think people will take a chance on you,” DiDomenico said. Going through a lengthy application process starting in December, DiDomenico was accepted and hired as the voice and content creator for the 2023 baseball season for the Reno Aces.“I’ll be calling all 150 Aces games while also providing all sorts of content to fans of the team. I am thrilled to take on the challenge and can’t wait to get out west!,” DiDomenico said. DiDomenico will be taking his talents to the Reno Aces for six months, during the 2023-2024 minor league season.