Women Giving Back Provides Free Prom Dresses for High School Students

Since March 6, local non-profit organization, Women Giving Back, has been hosting prom boutiques, where high school juniors and seniors can find a dress for no-cost.


Callie Stravinski

courtesy of Women Giving Back’s Prom Boutique

Courtesy of Women Giving Back’s Prom Boutique, with the flash of a student ID, high school juniors and seniors are able to find a dress at no cost for their night to remember: prom, . Founded in 2007, Women Giving Back has the purpose of “support[ing] women and children in crisis on a first step to stability by providing quality clothing at no cost, assisted by a caring and committed community,” the Women Giving Back website said. 

 Women Giving Back supplies women and children with snack packs, clothes, and sanitary products at no cost.

Unlike the regular Women Giving Back store, in which a referral from a case-manager and social worker is needed, students only need to have a valid school ID and be either a junior or senior in high school. For the regular store, women and children, by referral only, have the opportunity to receive clothing such as dresses, shorts, and shirts, as well as diapers and sanitary products. The Women Giving Back Prom Boutique, in which students have the opportunity to get one prom dress, one pair of shoes, one purse, one bra, two pieces of jewelry, and three makeup items is located in Sterling, Virginia, but students from any school and district are able to go to the boutique. Students from over 30 different high schools have visited the boutique. 

The boutique is open for eight more sessions: 4/1, 4/3, 4/6, 4/15, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, and 5/13.  If students are hesitant about going to the Prom Boutique, Program Director Erica Parraga said, “don’t be.we have girls coming from all over the county, there are no income requirements. This is just a great way for us to give back to our youth.” With the help from Women Giving Back, high school students are not faced with the task of purchasing pricey prom dresses for their special night.