Two Juniors Give Earth Club A Mini-Grant

Juniors Hafsah Zaman and Zoe Schauder give away a grant they earned to Earth Club.


Alla Abdelhalim

Zoe Schauder and Hafsah Zaman gave away their $200 mini grant to Earth Club.

Juniors Hafsah Zaman and Zoe Schauder applied for a $200 mini-grant in the environmental program “Roots and Shoots” with the Jane Goodall institution to help cover the expenses of their Global Ambassadors project for the 2023 Qatar summit. 

According to the “Roots and Shoots” website, the grant is for “any Roots & Shoots member who is interested in starting (or continuing) a community-action project to positively impact people, other animals, and/or the environment.”

“Originally, we got the grant to help our project, which was going to be food production in the Dominion courtyard.” Schauder said.

According to Zaman, the project was going to “help produce locally processed foods to promote sustainability in the food production industry.” The project was formatted like a challenge with multiple phases. “We had to fit a project and execute it in the allotted time, write a report and see if it got approved,” Zaman said.

“We filled out a several page application form and later received our mini grant congratulations via email,” Schauder said

Schauder and Zaman’s project got approved by the Qatar academy but their video submission didn’t advance and they became busy and had to drop the project. Schauder said they needed to lessen their things to do and they both believe “Earth club is a really good organization” so they gave them the grant.

Zaman said she hopes Earth club will do “something big that will benefit a lot of other people [that] maybe also has that original like target idea in mind” with the 200 dollars.