Student Athlete Mental Health Awareness Led by Live4Lane Club


Courtesy of Gabby Guambo

The Live4Lane club hopes to spread awareness for student athlete mental health this week, ending with an awareness night at the boys basketball game.

The Live4Lane club will have tables outside of the cafeteria this week in preparation for Friday’s green-out mental health awareness basketball game. Each day there will be a table with an activity promoting mental health awareness in honor of Lane Burrows. 

The activity on Monday, February 1st was to write on a sticky note the name of anyone who has made a positive impact on your life, and place it on a display with all of the other sticky notes that students have written in an effort to have students reflect on positive influences in their lives.

Students within the Live4Lane club put on a table encouraging students to reflect on the positives in their life on Tuesday. (Cynt)

“We’re using the lunch shifts as a way to spread awareness and let people know that they’re not alone,” said Lindsie Smith, the co-leader of the Live4Lane club. “We’re really big on spreading awareness on mental health and suicide prevention.” 

This week specifically, the Live4Lane club is highlighting and bringing awareness to student-athlete mental health. “While we support and advocate for the mental health of each student, we want to bring a focus to student-athletes as a way of ending certain stigmas surrounding [them],” club president Gabby Guambo said.

During Friday’s game, there will be members of the Live4Lane club handing out green ribbons (the symbol for mental health awareness). The boys basketball team will also be sporting green shoelaces dyed by Guambo to show support.

“I hope that students understand and normalize talking about mental health and ending stigmas that so many students struggle with. I hope they know that there is an open group of us who are willing to listen. I truly believe kindness truly starts with one person and others will begin to do the same,” Guambo said.

Students who are interested in getting involved with the Live4Lane club can visit their instagram @dhslive4lane for information on meetings and other opportunities.