Supporting Students In Different Ways

The support centers focus on specific areas to help students navigate their classes this year.


Olivia Columbel

Located in room 503, the Math Lab is open the first three blocks of each day for students looking to gain assistance from math teachers.

In an effort to provide students with the necessary support systems to be successful, Dominion has created a lot of options in the last few years, creating multiple support centers for students to visit during their study halls, before and after school and lunches. The five different support centers are: Math Lab, Writing Center, TAGS, the Library and National Honor Society. 

The Math Lab is a teacher-led classroom in room 503 for students to visit for extra help with all levels of math. Students can make a pass to the Math Lab during Titan Time the first three blocks of both A or B days, as well as all lunch shifts. 

“It’s a great place for people to come if they’ve been absent for teachers to explain some concepts that they might have missed. If they need a little bit of extra practice or if they want some help with their homework or studying for a test. It’s just a great place to come and get a little bit more individualized help and build your confidence” said Cynthia Sokol, the math department chair. 

There is a math teacher present in the room able to answer students questions as students come and may bring any type of math work to the math lab ranging from, notes they missed, homework, extra practice and more.

Students can visit the Writing Center during blocks 1, 2, 5, 6. (Olivia Columbel)

Another support center Dominion has is the Writing Center in room 504. The writing center is an elective that upper-classmen can take to tutor peers and help edit their writing. Students can visit the writing center during blocks first, second, fifth and sixth block or during any lunch block.

“The Writing Center is always happy to help people. You don’t have to have a lot of writing done to come in. We’re excited to help everyone and we also have a lot of parties. So keep an eye out for [them]. If we have food in the room everyone can eat it, and that is hopefully incentive to come in,.” said Writing Center teacher Molly Menickelly, the Writing Center teacher.

Students also have the option to submit assignments asynchronously through the Writing Center’s google form which can be found on scannable QR codes around the school, or from any English teacher. Writing center welcomes all kinds of work: personal, lab reports, English essays etc. The tutors will work with you on following any rubric or prompt, helping with proper structure and answering any other questions that come up. (Assistant editor of DHS Press Lily Cameron is a writing center tutor.)

TAGS is the Titan Academic Growth Support which was created to assist students with classes of all levels. Students can make a pass during their Titan Time to TAGS in room 501 during the first three blocks of both A and B-days. In TAGS, students are allowed to work on anything, as it is a support center for all types of courses including academic, AP, Dual Enrollment and honors. TAGS is often used by students who need extra help with social studies or want to work collaboratively with friends in their same Titan Time block. 

The Media Center is actively working to support students as well. They offer databases on their schoology to assist with research projects, citations and essays. You can find the links to the school’s online library on their schoology page as well. Students are welcome to come and work in their new green room to record videos for classes. Collaborative work is welcome in the library as long as voices are kept quiet as well. The library is open at 8:30 in the morning and closes at 4:45 in the afternoon. 

The last support center, National Honors Society (NHS) Tutors, is a community service organization whose members tutor fellow students.. Students can apply for a NHS tutor though a google form  which is also available on the Dominion website. After filling out the form, a tutor is selected by Mr. Chuba, the NHS sponsor. From there, the tutor and student are connected, and work out times to meet, which could be before or after school. The students in the organization all have at least submitted an application which was then reviewed by a higher committee.