The Meaning Behind “Lynx”

Just who exactly is Dr. Brewer referring to when he mentions the Lynx?


Anastasia Simonenko

Designed for students where a traditional schedule does not work for them, Robey is in the 300 hallway.

Are you like most students wondering why Dr. Brewer has been saying “Lynx” alongside “Titans” when he came over the loudspeaker earlier this year? That is because William Obediah Robey High School joined Titan Territory last June and is officially residing in the 300 hallway.

The purpose of William Obediah Robey High School is to give students with more difficult schedules the opportunity to earn a high school degree by operating on a more flexible schedule providing the basic, full-year high school courses that are required for graduation by offering five credits in the span of a semester, thus allowing those students to attend to family responsibilities and work full-time.

The name of the high school honors the first African American teacher in Loudoun County, William Obediah Robey. Dr. Janine Sims, principal at Robey, thought Robey exemplified what the school stood for. “He had a similar school, where he educated students during a time where formally educating blacks was not okay,” Sims said. The school was built on the basis of giving everyone an equal opportunity for a good education. 

 According to Dr. Sims, the school was originally housed at an over-capacitated Park View High School, Robey moved across town to Dominion, as Dominion’s capacity was just above 80%. The welcome from Dominion was a big change for the Lynx. “Dr. Brewer, the staff, Atlas, everyone has just opened up and has welcomed us with open arms, I really couldn’t be happier. It’s been a great move for us,” Sims said.

Dr. Brewer said, “What I hope will happen [with the integration of Robey high school] is that a lot of our students who would struggle to graduate because of factors in their life that are really hard for them to control, will now have a pathway toward graduation, and they won’t have to leave our school to get on that path.”