Club Spotlight: iR.I.S.


courtesy iRIS

Meeting every Tuesday, iRIS has been around since 2007.

I Respect, I Inspire, I Support. iR.I.S. is the ideal place to get away from school. They aim to help young women reach their educational goals as well as give them a safe place to come and relax.

iR.I.S. focuses heavily on the mental health of young women by providing them an outlet to talk and feel comfortable, “We want to give [students] the option to de-stress and talk about any issues you might be having, and [we offer] assistance and help with those issues,” said Courtney Malloy, teen services specialist at Loudoun County Parks and Rec. 

The mission of this club is to give young women a more positive outlook on life. “We talk about relationships, school, colleges, and careers, [encourage students to have] a better outlook on life, and how to move forward in a positive way,” Malloy said.

Students don’t only talk, but they play games, do arts and crafts, and other activities. “We’ve made different hot chocolates, little snowmen, and another time we made Christmas ornaments. It’s really nice to be able to just talk and do crafts,” said Michelle Martin, club sponsor of iR.I.S..

Among the many crafts they’ve done, Senior Keila Nieves expressed her favorite, “We did a little wreath and it was a metal top of a mason jar and we wrapped it with string. Another craft we did was stress balls and that was also really fun.”

iR.I.S. is not only relaxing but also low commitment, “Students can come whenever they want—they can drop in, drop out, it’s very in and out. It’s whatever they like, no pressure,” Martin said. 

Meeting every Wednesday after school, they provide food and drinks as well as a great time. Their schoology code is SWDK-KKRB-44J7R. For further information about the club contact club sponsor Michelle Martin through this email [email protected].