Titan Theatre Triumphantly Returns to the Stage


Sophia Lastova

Almost Maine marks the return to the stage for Titan Theatre after 18 months away.

If you missed the Titan Theatre’s production of “Almost Maine” last week, you are in luck because they are back on stage today, Friday and Saturday and the show is not one you want to miss. The cast of 18 and crew of nine students prepared an impressive first show back after 18 months away from the stage.

The show opened with a refreshing Covid-joke setting the tone for the rest of the night and reminding the audience to wear their masks during the performance. Naomi Gorbach thoroughly enjoyed their role as narrator, carrying the storyline with ease and including a humorous repeated line that had the audience laughing each time.

“Almost Maine” is about an imaginary town, in which each of the nine couples experience one of the many different aspects of being in love in a literal sense. Whether it be simply mending a broken heart or comparing the amount of love a person gives to another, the cast represented that idea on stage in a creative manner.

It was evident that each and every cast member formed a connection with their character that made the show really come to life. Keegan Mason (Chad) and Ian Lambert (Randy) played a duo that learned they had (literally) fallen in love and portrayed the dynamic of their characters naturally.

Seniors Aaron Haak (Pete/Jimmy), Lareina Allred (Glory), and Aidan Mason (Lendall) were especially impressive on opening night exhibiting their comfort and experience on stage. They appeared to be at home performing on Dominion’s stage.

The crew’s contributions don’t go unnoticed either. From the mics to the northern lights, every technical bit of the play was crafted beautifully with apparent care to detail. The lighting work in the play done by crew members Maguire Crowe, Avery Deaton, Ethan Mengers and Cate Sanzano stands out because their use of the spotlight allowed the narrator weave in and out of the story. 

It’s clear how devoted each and every actor and crew member is to the production of Almost Maine – buy tickets through the link below: