Teachers Show Their Appreciation for the Custodial Staff

Teachers and staff completed the custodial duties and catered dinner for custodians and their families to recognize Custodian Appreciation Day.


Cynthia Gonzalez

The custodial staff enjoys dinner with Dr. Brewer as staff performed the custodial duties as part of Custodian Appreciation Day.

As if cleaning up a school for 1,501 students isn’t difficult enough, (especially considering the state the boys’ bathroom is in at the end of the day) COVID-19 has essentially doubled the amount of cleaning the school takes, the custodial staff have really had their work cut out for them this year.

This year on National Custodian’s Appreciation Day, to show thanks for the custodians at school, the staff decided to host a “National Custodian’s Day Dinner.” The night of October 1, staff and custodians switched roles. As staff cleaned up, the custodians were able to relax and eat dinner together.

The dinner gave staff and custodians the opportunity to connect and get to know each other more. “Everyone has a story, and I know some of them, but I don’t know all of them, so I appreciate it, and you learn a little bit about them,” assistant principal Jon Signorelli said. 

Staff volunteered to stay after school to clean up by taking out the trash, cleaning bathrooms, and mopping the floors. They also set up the patio and prepared the food tables, as well as serving dessert.

“Seeing that opportunity [of National Custodian Appreciation Day] we had to do something special for our facilities service staff…I appreciate and respect them very much,” Signorelli said. 

Classic Latin music played throughout the dinner, and displayed on the TV was the Custodian’s Day slideshow that was prepared in honor of the celebration. The slideshow showcased each custodian and a bit about them, including when they first came to this country, their family, or their favorite foods. 

Many of the custodial staff who attended were happy to be able to come together to enjoy a homemade traditional meal and connect. “I feel important, usually in other jobs you don’t get appreciation or recognition,” said Carla Rivera, a member of the custodial staff.

Head custodian Flavia Medina said, “I feel very grateful to be recognized because we are in a place where we are usually not very appreciated, and we feel like a family here because we are all important to the school,” 

Many classic Central and South American dishes were served, like empanadas, arroz con pollo (rice with chicken and beans), and even some traditional fountain drinks provided by Arepas Plus. For dessert there was Tres Leches, a cake made with three types of milk, as well as cheesecake brownies, and mango mousse cake.

“Our jobs have essentially doubled. We can’t leave anything aside, and have to continue to clean the school for the students,” Rivera said. 

Dinner was provided for custodians and their families. Thank you cards from staff and students are on the back wall to show appreciation for all that custodians do every day for Dominion. (Cynthia Gonzalez)