One-on-One with SCA President Simren John


Anastasia Simonenko

Handing out t-shirts on the first day of school, SCA President Simren John hopes the return to school brings a renewed sense of school spirit.

What plans does SCA have for this year?

[Some of our plans include] that we’re going to facilitate opportunities for students to connect with different clubs and activities, and also just help students build and develop lasting relationships with their peers, and then continue to make Dominion, you know, a place where kids want to be at.

Are there any plans and/or events SCA has planned?

The whole first week of school, like the welcoming of students and handing out shirts was a big thing for us. Having that DJ out there, and then also from the tailgate and having food trucks to the pep rally, like the whole first week of school,I would say [was one of the biggest things we have had planned for the year. Then obviously, homecoming is the upcoming one.

How will you increase student involvement (school spirit) in the school?

[Our goal to change involvement] is by promoting spirit days on Instagram and Schoology. Another officer of ours, Iman, she’s very passionate, passionate about inter club Council. [We want] something that every student can be a part of, something that they’re passionate about, which I think will really help the school spirit.

As student body president, what is your  main focus?

I would say making sure everyone is involved and included, and especially keeping Dominion diverse is very important and celebrating that diversity throughout the school.

How would SCA be successful this year?

By helping freshmen and sophomores get connected, since they haven’t been at the school, and just getting the most participation for school events. My goal is to get the most student involvement and see kids get excited to be a part of the school and activities.  The excitement, and enthusiasm to just be like, “Oh, my gosh, I love Dominion.”

How does SCA feel about Devious Licks?

“It’s obviously trending on Tik Tok, and how everyone sees it. I just think we should respect the school because this is our school and we want to be able to go to the bathroom and wash our hands, and have paper towels, unless people just don’t want that. I think it’s important that we still at least treat our school well, since it is ours. And some of us may have younger siblings. So we want to just continue to make the school better.

How do you balance being a teenager vs. a school leader?

“I would say it’s definitely important for me to keep that balance. Some days, it’s harder than others. I would say just remembering our main goal here is to serve the other students. And as a teenager, I feel like sometimes I want to be selfish or put myself first, but being that leader really just goes to show that others come before you.

Is there anything else I should know?

We just created a link in Schoology, where you can submit your feedback to SCA. People who have any concerns or input they want to tell SCA, they can just type it in their Google form and then we receive it and then we can work with that.

SCA Suggestion Form