Goodbye Letter to High School


DHS Press Staff

Seniors graduated on June 17

Dear High School,


I want to take the time to say goodbye, and thank you for all of the experiences and opportunities I have had within the public school system.

Thank you for all of the hate seen from people in the hallways, classrooms, and after school functions. All of the slurs and name calling helped thicken my skin and made me realize that our society has a long way to go until peace and acceptance of all people. The ignoring of bullying and unkindness showed me that life isn’t fair, a great lesson for real life, and that being who you are isn’t always a good thing. Without compliance, our society would collapse. 

Thank you for the mental and emotional strain that has caused me, and many other students, to lose people they love and lose themselves. The combination of never being good enough, sleep deprivation, and toxic competition among peers made me realize that high school is a cesspool for self-hate and a breeding ground for hate for others. I learned that it is okay to ask for help, be on medication, go to therapy, and talk about mental health issues with others who may be feeling the same way.

Thank you for the underpayment and overworking of your teachers. These kind and amazing people doing an extremely difficult job, especially in a pandemic and time of social and political unrest, are here for one reason only, to teach the future. I learned that I should do what I love, no matter the monetary reward, because I can always have the time to get a second job to pay for childcare or medical bills. I experienced teachers who wanted to help, but could not due to sickness or family, and the idea that teachers aren’t paid enough to care for themselves truly shows how selfless and brave they are. I learned to always put others before myself and never take a break, by watching the hard work and deterioration of my teachers.

Thank you for caring about athletics more than anything else. I felt that if I did not participate in a sport, I was lesser than and not deserving as a student. It encouraged me to focus more on athletics rather than academics or arts, and I am now a well rounded person after finding out that I am not the best athlete. I learned this after three years of B’s, C’s, D’s, and only occasional A’s, so my GPA and college admissions suffered. But better late than never!

I learned that some people matter more than others, whether it be for money, athletic talent, or the ability to take hours-long exams. If I worked hard enough, it still wouldn’t always result in what I deserve. I don’t understand why people hate you so much, but I personally have been taught tremendous amounts. So thank you High School, for preparing me for the real world by giving me the capability to recognize injustice and unfairness, and to always have compassion for others. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you and goodbye.


A 2021 Senior