It Is Time to Show Teachers Appreciation


courtesy Lifetouch

Staff gathered on Monday, May 3 for their unique staff picture for the year.

Teachers have always been underappreciated. In the current state of their profession, it is more important than even to show our thankfulness to them.

Students have complained the entirety of this school year about a lack of satisfaction and accomplishment with their work. Think about the lack of appreciation that teachers feel.

They show up to a mostly empty classroom and proceed to lecture a class that is most likely not even acknowledging their instruction. 

Students need to realize that teachers are not the enemy, and that they are going through the same difficulties with distance learning that we have gone through.

Teachers are just trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and that should not go unrecognized.

With this week being teacher appreciation week, as a school we need to come together and voice our appreciation for our teachers.

Even just a quick email to a teacher can make a difference. Just let them know that their effort is not going unnoticed.

I emailed some of my teachers just to let them know that I appreciate all they have done, and they were extremely appreciative. Just a quick note can make such a difference. Even just a message in the chat wishing them a happy teacher appreciation week could be nice.

Let them know you appreciate all they have done for us students, as this year has not been easy for them either.