Governing the Student Body During a Pandemic

SCA looks for creative ways to bring spirit to the student body.


courtesy of Joe Haberman

Movie nights in October and November was the first implementation of ideas by SCA for in-person events.

Dominion’s Student Council Association (SCA) is working hard to plan and encourage students to participate in school spirit. Throughout this pandemic, they have done a spirit week and a movie night to try and create a sense of normalcy for students.

Virtual spirit week wasn’t as much of a success as anticipated. Joe Haberman, co-SCA sponsor, said,  “Our first virtual spirit week was only a limited success, at best, but provided some valuable feedback in terms of testing out ways to connect and get responses from students.” There are no plans for an upcoming spirit week in the winter. 

SCA is also planning a homecoming (Covid permitting) in March. Aidan Comi, the VP of Communications, said “We are still in the planning stages, but you can expect more to come on a fun Homecoming week. We know many [students] will not feel comfortable coming to an in-person event, so we hope to have some virtual events that can give everyone at Dominion a fun time.”

“If we plan to hold the event in person, we will use the parking lot, and have plenty of social distancing. [We will also] mandate mask usage, and could possibly break up the dance into different dates,” Mia Cvijonvic, SCA president, said. 

SCA hopes to continue in person events like the outdoor movies nights that just concluded this past Friday. “Movie night participation [had] been below our initial hopes, but steady, and the students that have come each night have seemed to really enjoy themselves,” Haberman said. 

Continuing to encourage students to participate in events by using outreach through social media and planning on using incentives such as gift cards in the future are just two ways SCA wants to connect with students.  

Mia Cvijonivic said, “The fact that people participated I believe is success in and of itself. However, of course, I would love to increase involvement. Over the next few spirit weeks and events that we will have this year, SCA will be trying hard to increase involvement from the student body. But of course, I appreciate everyone that did get involved since they made it really fun.”

Due to Covid, there are no plans set for the next event or spirit week. “We are pretty much planning things around our state’s current situation and protocols at the moment. So, we don’t really have solid plans for upcoming in person events.” Cvijonivic said.

SCA is working on possible winter events as of right now, and they plan on utilizing the parking lot. They also want to give back to the community by possibly having a canned food drive or partnering with Toys for Tots. 

Students can find more updated information about events and opportunities on the SCA website found here