Teacher Tuesday: Coach Gus


courtesy of Coach Gus

Coach Gus wakes up early to make sure she is ready for a day of distance learning.

7:00 AM: So I get up at seven, my alarm goes off at seven. And I get up. And the first thing I do is I actually come downstairs because where I work for school is downstairs, I come straight downstairs and I turn my computer on and log on and make sure that it’s ready.

7:30 AM-8:10AM: I work out 30 to 40 minutes a day, at least five days a week.  And they’re usually like a cardio HIIT workout, high intensity interval training.  Also, a workout called Tabatas, which is a hit workout too.

8:15AM-9:00AM: I prepare eggs, bacon, and sometimes a piece of toast to eat. Then I go upstairs and take a shower and get ready for work. And then I come back downstairs and make the food and then eat while I am getting ready for advisory

9:00AM-12:45PM:  I teach Driver’s Ed first block. Then second block, I teach a NASM personal training class. It is an advanced training course It’s an advanced PE course that would technically be in a classroom. And they’re learning a lot about anatomy and physiology and how the human body moves. And at the end of the course, if they pass the exam, they will be certified personal trainers. 

12:45PM-4:30PM: I don’t really eat lunch, I just work straight through and have a planning period 3rd block.  Mainly all I do I do at this time is work and plan. 

4:30PM-9:00PM:  I get caught up trying to plan a lot of the times for my NASM course because there’s so much content. Right now I’m also studying and taking another course for personal training and it’s not certified Personal Training because I am a personal trainer. It’s called performance enhancement consulting. And it will allow me to further my personal training stuff. And it’s just for me to learn more and be better at what I’m doing and it helps me in school. I also looking to rescue a new pug, I would love a new pug, they’re really hard to find

It is different on A days, most days I do not get off work until 7:00 because I’m trying to make sure everything is good.  And we do a really good job with our department of sharing the workload and planning and making sure we all have information for each other.

9:00PM: Is my target time to sleep, that is when I sleep on a normal day, once I get everything done with work.