Q&A with Georgetown Commit Molly Battaglia


Courtesy of Molly Battaglia

Junior Molly Battaglia committed to play D1 lacrosse at Georgetown University on September 11th, 2020

How long have you been playing lacrosse, and how long have you been wanting to go to Georgetown?

“I started messing around with lacrosse in second grade, then I started playing with [Algonkian Tribe] in third grade. And then I started playing club lacrosse in sixth grade. I never really knew I wanted to go to Georgetown until September 5th. So, I didn’t really think of it as an option before then, until I entered the recruiting process.” 

What are you most excited about going to Georgetown?

“I am most excited about getting the chance to compete and have a chance to play at such a high level. And, to have the chance to have great academic opportunities. And to just be in such a great location, and have a great city around me. 

What was the main reason you wanted to go to Georgetown?

“[Mainly because] the coaching staff was so welcoming and nice to me.  And I really wanted to go there, and I just love the campus. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, and it felt like home. Another reason why is the energy surrounding the team.”

What do you plan on studying?

“I plan on studying in the field of psychology, but I’m not sure what aspect of it yet.”

We know you were the leading freshman scorer at the 2019 State Champion game, where Dominion won, do you plan on bringing that speed and game to Georgetown?

“For sure. I hope so, I’m so excited to get on the field. I want to show my skills that I know I can do.”

How has your experience with the Dominion Varsity Lacrosse team helped you with this next step in your life?

“It has prepared me to get into a faster speed of the game and play with more competitive girls. In high school, it’s all age levels, and definitely the higher competition and speed helped prepare me for that. Also, the fact that we have had so many D1 athletes in our program has helped me see how they work and helped me compete with girls already a part of high programs.  ”

Do you plan on going to the Exorcist stairs? 

“Oh my gosh, I hope not. I was driving through Georgetown and just looking at the stairs, and I thought, ‘I really hope we don’t have to go on runs there.’ But,  I’m definitely really excited for all the fun things that Georgetown has to offer in the city.”