Providing a Place for Wellness


Mia Cvijanovic

The workroom was remodeled by the wellness team.

During the week students and staff were on winter break, the Dominion staff was gifted the remodeling of three workrooms, as well as a wellness room. The idea came about in November. 

“We were deciding what holiday plans we would make for the staff, the wellness team decided we wanted to do something more lasting and personal. We thought by doing something here in the building, it would last longer, and we can affect everybody.” Ms. Braxton said.

Numerous organizations, such as the Grace Covenant Church, helped to fund the remodeling. “When organizations use our building, they pay a fee and we get a percentage back of the fee from the county. That money can only be used on improving our building, so that’s where the money came from,” Braxton said.

Each of the work rooms are designed to have a certain purpose. “If you’re a [teacher] who likes to work in a quiet setting, then you can go to L100 because [there is] no talking in there,” Mrs. Braxton said.  “We have what we call like the high energy room where people can talk and it’s set up to be creative, that’s [room] 407. It’s really bright [and] has a big monitor in it, then L312 is like a cozy room for when people want to have small meetings and work together with other people in a comfortable setting.” 

Teachers and staff were only aware of three workrooms being remodeled. The wellness committee, who were led by Braxton, worked together on the surprise space for the wellness of teachers. The room is “a no work space for [teachers] to kind of recharge and rejuvenate so that they’re at their best for our students,” Braxton said. The room includes features like a massage chair and a yoga area.

Frau Edgington, a member of the wellness team, helped design the four spaces. “ It’s just makes me want to come in here [and] it just makes me happy that I have a space that I feel happy,”  Edgington said. 

Many teachers were thrilled about the remodeling of their workspaces. Ms. Rodgers said, “It was so exciting because I felt like I’m one of those HGTV shows where people get some great surprise and you feel so appreciated because other people have gone above and beyond to make you happy.”