Representing the Tenth District


Jacqui Kazmierczak

Jacqui Kazmierczak's photo that won top prize of the view of the Potomac from Algonkian Regional Park.

This past October, Representative of the tenth district Jennifer Wexton announced a photo contest on her Facebook page. The main purpose of the contest was to show off the beauty of the district in Virginia that Wexton represents. On January 9th, Wexton announced the eleven finalists of the contest. Four out of the eleven finalists were Dominion students. The Titan finalists were: Ava Smith, Sophia Tirella, Jacqueline Kazmierczak, and Brandon Benites-Barnales. 

The finalists’ pictures were posted on the Facebook page and the winner was determined by whichever picture got the most likes. On January 17th, Wexton announced the picture that got the most likes was Dominion’s very own Jaqui Kazmierczak, with Ava Smith, Sophia Tirella, and Brandon Benites-Barnales as runner-ups. 

Dominion High School art teacher Ms. Freeman encouraged her AP Photography students to participate in the photo contest. She said, “Any time a member of Congress wants to support the arts, I’m all in. Congresswoman Wexton is newer to office and I wanted to support her Art initiatives. Because it was a digital upload and free for all 10th district residents to submit to, it seemed like a no brainer.” 

Similarly, runner-up Sophia Tirella said, “Ms. Freeman definitely motivated me to enter as well as just a desire to share my photography. She told us about this great opportunity and pushed us to enter and try and have a chance.” 

Winner Jaqui Kazmierczak, whose photo received a total of 284 likes on Facebook, took her photo at Algonkian Regional Park. Kazmierczak said, “I always take walks in Algonkian Park and the assignment of this contest was to show our district and I thought this showed the beauty of the Potomac River which is prominent in our district.” She also mentioned, “I was very surprised when I won because there were a lot of other very wonderful pieces. I am proud of my work for being able to capture the district so well.”

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton posted to her Facebook page that the photos from the winners will be displayed in her DC and District offices. It is unsure at this time if there will be any other award or honor given to the finalists. Ms. Freeman showed her excitement for the students,“[It’s] very exciting and hopefully validating for them.  I am hopeful this gives them confidence to continue to take engaging photographs!”