A Dance Not to Miss: Sterling Snowball


Courtesy of SCA

The Sterling Snowball dance is a collaboration between Dominion, Potomac Falls, and Park View.

On February 8th, Dominion students will have the chance to attend the Sterling Snowball, which is a winter dance that will be combined with the students of Potomac Falls and Park View high schools. The SCA and administration of the three schools came together and made the decision to host this dance at Potomac Falls, from 7PM to 11PM. “Dr. Brewer has been instrumental in taking a lead on that. He’s been meeting with Mr. Dolson and Dr. Wolfe from Park View and Potomac Falls, their SCAs and our SCA to orchestrate one dance with all three schools,” Ms. Vereb said. All Dominion, Potomac Falls, and Park View students are welcome to attend in formal attire such as dresses and suits. The ticket sale will begin after winter break, starting off with $10 and eventually will be raised to $15 as February 8th approaches. 

The Dominion SCA president, Katelyn Newell, is very hopeful in the success of this event, having been a huge help with the organization. “Students will get the experience of how different schools plan dances and how we all do things differently,” said Newell. The SCA is planning to use personal and official social media as their main platform for advertising the event, as well as hanging up flyers around the school. “Dr. Brewer will talk about the dance on the announcements” Newell added. Katelyn believes that this will be a great opportunity for students to make new friends and encourages everyone to come, with or without a date. 

Lilliana Quinones is the Potomac Falls SCA President, and is another organizer of this event. “This is a first year event, but I think the turn out is going to be great,” said Quinones. “Combining three schools hasn’t been done before and I am glad that I got to start the planning with Katelyn and Mathew [Chesnutt, Park View’s SCA President].” Potomac Falls SCA is making a big effort to advertise this event by using flyers, spreading the word on social media, and using basic word-of-mouth techniques. “This event is just another chance to get to know each other better and honestly, there is no other place that people will be able to go to an event like this.” Quinones explained.