Teacher Tuesday: Mr. Kamfwa


Mr. Kamfwa is a statistics teacher at Dominion.

Q: What are all the different places you have taught and what are the coolest experiences you have had in all these places?

A: I taught in Africa, England, and here in Loudoun County. I taught in Virginia Beach as well before coming back to Loudoun County. One of the coolest things that I remember is a lot of skiing in England.


Q: What led you to wanting to teach math?

A: My dad was a math teacher, so he’s always been a role model for me.


Q: What is your favorite type of math and why?

A: Statistics and Calculus. They have a practical application, so that’s why I like Them. It makes sense.


Q: What is something you do that your students may not have expected you to ever do?

A: I eat a lot of chicken curry. I have a taste for Indian foods.


Q: What is your favorite sport and favorite sports team or player and why?

A: I really like chess. My favorite guy is Garry Kasparov who is the world champion. 


Q: You get one last meal, what are you eating?

A: I would try a new Indian food. Lamb Curry. I have always been avoiding it. 


Q: You constantly tell your classes about giving your students “african names” what is the story behind that?

A: I’ve got both English and an African name which is cool. I’ve always thought about giving my students the names too so that way they can have both as well.


Q: What’s a secret passion that you have that students don’t know about?

A: I like to go hunting a lot. Especially in Africa. Just game hunting. I did a lot in Africa but I have just been so busy over here I haven’t had the chance.