What You Missed: Week of October 21st


A look back at the week that was in the news and highlighting what students need to know

Pentagon Official Testifies in House Impeachment Inquiry After GOP Delay

Laura Cooper testifies on Capitol Hill on Wednesday after a 5 hour delay from Congressional Republicans. Republicans stormed the room where the deposition was being held as a protest for the impeachment proceedings. This is the first time that GOP lawmakers have moved away from speech to action protests against the impeachment proceeding. 



Nats are up Two Games in the World Series Over the Astros 

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the first two games of the World Series were played between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. The Nats won both games with the scores of 5-4 and 12-3. Game three takes place in Washington on Friday at 8:07 pm. 



Trump refers to the Syria cease-fire as permanent, then proceeds to lift sanctions on Turkey.

President Trump has lifted economic sanctions off of Turkey as a result of the ‘permanent cease-fire’ between Turkey and Northern Syria. This deal has been widely criticized by both Congressional Republicans and Democrats. They claim that President Trump’s recent actions of pulling US troops out of Syria helped bring the conflict between the Turkish military and the Kurds to fruition.