SCA Promotion of Events, Spirit, and Core Values

The staff of SCA for the 2019-2020 school year.

The staff of SCA for the 2019-2020 school year.

Last school year, the student body voted for the SCA officers who would represent them during the 2019-2020 school year. The officers this year are Katelyn Newell (SCA President), Yajat Dewan (Vice President of Communication), Ellie Newman (Vice President of Community Service), Evelyn Campos (School Board Representative), Nick Barenz (Spirit Chair), Aaliyah Shifflet (Secretary), and Mia Cvijanovic (Inner Club Council). 

In a student information meeting on September 6th, SCA discussed implementing their four core values which are kindness, trustworthiness, resilience, and wellness. During the meeting, Shifflet said, “Dr. Brewer really asked us [SCA] to promote these [values] and act upon them.” 

SCA also talked about Homecoming week and their plans for Homecoming. The week will have a mini pep rally every day besides Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday morning will have an am assembly schedule for powderpuff, while Friday will have the usual afternoon all-school pep rally.

Newell discussed her personal goals and plans for SCA this year, and SCA has a theme of getting the student body more involved in the school and SCA becoming more involved as well. Newell said, “My personal goals for SCA this year are really involving more of a tuned [in student] body.” Newell said, “We [SCA] are always going to football games, but I also want to encourage people to go to other events and include other clubs like debate, drama, and chorus.” 

Newell hopes to spread the message of SCA to more effectively spread school spirit through “better communication [and] trying to use a lot more social media this year compared to last year.”

For Homecoming week the spirit days are Monday: Sports Day, Tuesday: Class colors, Wednesday: Tacky Tourist Day, Thursday: Hallway Day, Friday: Black and Silver Day.