What You Missed: Week of 9/2


Death Toll in Bahamas Rises Due to Hurricane Dorian

A new storm has threatened the east coast of the United States, Hurricane Dorian has threatened and already taken lives in the Bahamas. The killer storm, the strongest to ever to make landfall in the country, wiped out many homes, and in some cases, entire neighborhoods were mashed into rubble. The Storm was measured at a category five hurricane when it struck land. The death toll from the storm jumped Wednesday from seven to at least 20, but as searchers comb the landscape in the upcoming days the extent of the damage will be revealed.



Hong Kong Leader to withdraw China extradition bill

The embattled leader of Hong Kong announced Wednesday that she is withdrawing from a massively controversial extradition bill that would have given Beijing the power to detain and extradite people who are wanted in territories that Hong Kong does not have extradition agreements with. It’s the bill that sparked the huge anti-government protests, which are now in their third month. But abandoning the bill  at this stage appears unlikely to quash the unrest.



U.K. Prime Minister’s brother quits government over Brexit

After suffering a series of humiliating Brexit defeats in Parliament, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was dealt a fresh blow Thursday by an unlikely source: his little brother. Jo Johnson announced he was quitting the government and standing down as a member of Parliament, becoming the latest casualty in the war over whether and how the U.K. leaves the European Union.