Teacher Tuesday: Kathryn Hall


courtesy of Kathryn Hall

Not many people choose between being a teacher or training seeing eye dogs, but Kathryn Hall is that person.

Q: Why did you want to become a teacher?

A: It’s genetic. My parents and teachers, my paternal grandparents were teachers, we produce a lot of teachers and my family.

Q: Was teaching your dream profession?

A: I either wanted to be a teacher or a seeing-eye dog trainer.

Q: What is something interesting that you do outside of school? What are some of your hobbies?

A: I like to make scrapbooks. I’m a singer. So, I like to sing singing a lot in choirs. I used to train puppies to be guide dogs to the seeing eye. But since I moved to Virginia, I can’t do that anymore. So I’m thinking about maybe starting to look into training puppies to help wounded veterans or to be service animals for veterans.

Q: What is an inspirational quote you live by or tell other people to inspire others?

A: When I was growing up, I always struggled a lot with what people thought of me. So I’ve always liked the John Philip Sousa, quote, “Dance as though no one is watching. Love as though you’ve never been hurt. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.”

Q: What would be your favorite time period in history to live in?

A: I’ve always been fascinated by World War Two and the Holocaust. But I’m not sure if I would want to go back and live during that time period, because it was a very tumultuous time period and very frightening and difficult time period to live through. So I mean, that would be one that I would definitely want to learn more about and be. But I’m not sure if I would want to experience it. So I guess if I had to go back and experience a time period or live through a time period, I guess the Renaissance in Italy because there was a lot of art and culture and knowledge and communication and things going on. 

Q: What is something that no one would guess about you just by looking at you?

A: I’ve completed two triathlons and a half marathon.