5 Questions with Jack Rose

5 Questions with Jack Rose


Q: How has the team come together with the loss of a bunch of key players from last year?


The team has come together by working hard in the off season and making sure that we all contribute as a whole in order to fill those roles.



Q: How did it feel to get the chance to play the number 1 team in the nation, Calvert Hall?


It was a great way to get the season started and really got everyone excited for the season, and was an overall great experience.



Q: After scoring a game winner against Robinson, what emotions were running through your head?


There were a lot of emotions going through my head like excitement and a lot of adrenaline but we had to stay focused in order to close out the game.



Q: Do you believe that this result will help spark the team into future success as you head into conference play? Why or why not?


I do believe that the huge win will help spark more success because we see we are capable of beating top teams.



Q: What is an area that this year’s team is going to excel in and really be dominant in compared to other teams?


We are going to excel in riding and clearing this year, we also have a top attack line that will help to get the offense going every time they touch the ball.