5 Questions with Sam Shelton

Junior, Samuel Shelton, is a star player on the Varsity Boys Basketball team and has shown excellent performance this season so far. Shelton spent two previous year playing for the JV team and this year, has finally been able to show his skills at the varsity level.


What do you make sure to focus on at practices to better yourself as a basketball player? How?

Making my teammates better by passing to them and encouraging them.


How do you make sure to stay focused during and before games?

I just listen to my music, get in my zone and have fun.


Do you have any pre-game rituals and how do they affect your playing?

I don’t have any pre-game rituals.


What do you do outside of practice and games to maintain and improve your skills?

I play at recreational centers like Golds Gym, Claude Moore with my friends.


How do you bond with the team to maintain your chemistry during games?

We hang out outside of school over the weekends.