5 Questions with Josh Thomas

Josh Thomas, a junior, played the role of George Gibbs in the fall play.

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5 Questions with Josh Thomas

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Josh Thomas, a junior, played the role of George Gibbs in the fall play called Our Town. Thomas gave an outstanding performance while playing the romantic lead.


What role do you play in the fall play and what is unique about your character?

I played one of the main male roles. I was George Gibbs. The play, Our Town, basically follows a story of him and his future wife and how they grow up together, they fall in love. It’s unique because without it, you wouldn’t be able to tell the whole story.


How did you make sure to prepare for the play outside of rehearsal?

I was always memorizing my lines, I took the time to read the play over a couple times and understand the meaning of it. I talked to Doc outside of school about what she wanted me to do with the character and stuff like that.

What is the most important thing the audience should understand about your character?

That for acting you don’t just get up on a stage and pretend to be someone. In order to play a character well, like my character, you have to take time to reflect upon who that character is and completely be him when you are on stage so that you’re not who you really are in real life, so that it gives the audience a better sense of that character and the play.


How did you feel after the play? 

It was kind of bittersweet. I was relieved because I was pretty busy with rehearsals, especially the week before the play. But I kinda miss it, I miss the cast and the chemistry and being able to act as something that I really enjoy. So yeah I miss that.


Are you planning to take part in Dominion plays in the future? Explain.

Definitely. It’s something that I really enjoy like I said and that’s really all I wanna do

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