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The #1 source for news for Dominion High School students and the Dominion High School community in Sterling, VA

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    Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon is a Hilarious Retelling of the Classics

    Titan Theater’s newest production points out the outdated aspects of beloved fairy tales in a humorous fashion.
    Lilly Cameron
    Titan Theater’s opening night was nothing short of a success with generous acting performances and exquisite technical work.

    Titan Theatre brings new life to classic fairy tales through laughter and modern twists in their fall play Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon. Complete with an enormous revolving book stage and excellent comedic delivery from the actors, the farce play offered audience members an opportunity to smile.

    Each of the four narrators brought energy to the production, keeping up with the fast-paced character dialogue. Ashley Anoubon Momo and Avery Scott, the first pair of narrators on opening night, were the perfect comedic duo and earned lots of laughter from the audience. Director Doc Worth said, “I usually do dramas that make everybody cry, but [these are] the kind of kids that have that comedic timing, so it was the right show to do.”

    Narrators involved the audience in their renditions of Little Red Cap and Hansel and Gretel. Audience members seated in the middle section of the theater were asked to provide the sound effects for the “original horror stories” as Anoubon Momo called them on stage. “[I love that scene] because…you don’t get to do that in most shows. The show is really special and interesting [for me] to be able to do that,” said Anoubon Momo.

    According to Worth, Titan Theatre began preparations for Brothers Grimm in early September and has devoted six hours weekly up until the final week. “The fact that none of them broke tonight is [impressive]…because it’s hard to not laugh if you’re really paying attention to the show.” Worth said.

    The show’s humor is self-aware as both narrators and characters control the narratives as they interact with each other on stage. “I would describe the play as a comedic downfall, because it’s completely falling apart. But it’s intentionally falling apart, so it makes it funny,” actor Chase Bochenek said.

    An influx of new actors from the middle school this year provided Titan Theatre with a cast capable of performing a production of this size. “I find [that] everyone is really energetic. A lot of them are freshmans so they bring a new kind of life to [the group],” actor Keegan Mason said.

    The show utilized each prop and actor in a creative manner, whether it was Rapunzel’s hair serving as a rope ladder, or Snow White’s seven dwarfs who played both actors and stage hands in the production. “I think that’s really interesting having, basically, what’s considered crew being in the show…like when [Sanzano] comes out so many times,” Anoubon Momo said.

    “It [was] my first time show calling and being the lead stage manager, so it’s definitely been a new experience. And on top of adding all of these new things, all the props, all the sets, it’s been a lot, but it’s really fun, and the cast is great,” said stage manager Cass Sanzano.

    The rotating stage that was used in last spring’s production of 9-5: The Musical was brilliantly adapted into a pop-open book for the play. Each fairy tale retelling benefited from the multiple backdrops which flipped open like doors from the revolving set. “There’s a lot of paint that went into this set. We were painting up until the very last minute,” Sanzano said.

    Worth is retiring after the 2023-2024 school year after 12 years at Dominion and 9 years as the head of the theater department. “It’s really hard, but I mean…I’ve done enough so it’s a cool way to go out,” Worth said.

    Whether its a dwarf on stilts, Bochenek’s one-man performance of Cinderella, or a well timed cover of Piano Man by Billy Joel, this play is sure to draw laughter. “If people need a laugh, this is the place to come [and] get some laugh therapy,” Worth said.

    Next Showings:

    November 10, 11, 17, 18 at 7:30 pm
    November 19 at 2:30 pm

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